About Us


PT. Dhefa Metal Solution was established in 2019, and it is a kind of Perseroan Terbatas (PT). PT. Dhefa Metal Solutions, hereinafter abbreviated as PT. Dhefa is located at Jl. Manggis no.12 Guro, Karawang, West of Java, Indonesia. The legality of PT. Dhefa is based on Akte Notaris No. 2 on May 12, 2020, and based on SK Menteri Hukum dan Hak Asasi Manusia Republik Indonesia No. AHU-0024519.AH.01.01 of 2020 with the registration company No. AHU-0084009.AH.01.11 2020 on May 19, 2020.

PT. Dhefa is specialized in the Metallurgical Failure Anlysis, Metallurgical and Mechanical Laboratory Equipments, Metallurgy & Material Testing, and Non Destructive Test (NDT) and Welding Services. Currently, the Material and Metallurgical Industries become a benchmark of a country’s progress and development because they support the infrastructure, mineral resource processing, manufacturing processes, transportation, and several other industries in the country. Therefore, the presence of PT Dhefa is expected to help and to support the industries through giving the systematics and comprehensive problems solving analysis that occur in the engineering field in the industries, increasing the competences of the employees by conducting the training and certification programs, ensuring the quality of the process, especially in the field of welding, and ensuring the quality of the maintenance, especially in the field of coating and cathodic protection. With those help and supports, PT. Dhefa will cover at least 70 percent of the workmanship in the field of material and metallurgy so that the productivity and quality in the material and metallurgical industries will terrace and meet the needs. The excellence possessed in PT. Dhefa compared to others is the integrating of the basic knowledge i.e. theories, experiment, and simulation, and experiences in carrying out responsibilities.