To realize our vision and mission, we complete every project by implementing the highest standards quality and the highest consideration in the safety as the basis. Based on the mentioned basis, we will introduce our values that are implemented for every individual who works with the PT. Dhefa’s team

1. Critical

All of our employees must behave, and think critically, and work properly in their fields to get the best results by considering the worst.

2. Professional

Professional is the fundamental aspect of conducting our responsibilities and works. All of our employees are required to develop themselves so that they can meet the standard qualifications to work professionally

3. Education

We educate our employees to be a good personality, broad knowledge and insight, and intellect so that our customers are satisfied with our services.

4. Creative

By applying the sense of the creative, the employees will develop and create new ideas, concepts, and problem formulation to solve the cases in order to maintain the company’s balance and the company’s progress.

5. Champions

The main point from the champion’s value is the employees are able to be open-minded, have high self-confidence, and have good mental strength.